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Friday, October 10, 2014

Absolutely Fabulouse at Theatre Werx

Photo Credit: Jon Bauer (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved: from left to right: Saffy, Gran, Edina, Bubble & Patsy.
The live-stage version of the hit British sitcom—ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS—is premiering in San Francisco October 2nd. Yes, Edina and Patsy are coming to town.
SF’s newest theater—Royal British Comedy Theatre—is producing ABFAB starring an ensemble of local comic actors. Directed by Christian Heppinstall. Costume Curator: Craig Marotzke. Makeup & Wigs: Diego Gomez. Starring Terrence McLaughlin as Edina, ZsaZsa Lufthansa as Patsy, Annie Larson as Gran, Dene Larson as Saffy, and Raya Light as Bubble. Also featuring Karen Ripley, Steven Satyricon, Randy Blaustein, Marie Cartier, Allison Fenner, J. Sykes-Iness, Nick Leonard, Ginorma Desmond and Tiara Gemrockz.
What: ABFAB Season One will be staged featuring the original six episodes. In October you will see both Fat and Fashion playing each Thursday and Friday show date. In November you will see France and ISO Tank playing each Thursday and Friday show date. And in December you will see both Birthday and Magazine playing each Thursday and Friday show date. Yes, your ticket buys you two episodes!
Royal British Comedy Theatre is so new you won’t find anything online about it. However that will soon change so stay tuned. We are premiering ourselves this autumn with Season One of Absolutely Fabulous and will follow with other popular British sitcoms, films and stage works. Brush up your "queen's" and Queen’s English!
DONATIONS VIA INDIEGOGO: If you would like to support our efforts to bring this kind of theater to San Francisco and wish to make a financial donation please visit our Indiegogo Campaign page at Absolutely Fabulous AbFab! Thank you for helping us to delight you! You may also see lots more fab photos of the cast and a video!

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  1. This was a good small production. Funny but not funny enough for me to keep my eyes open. I am not sure if i would go back to see their other episodes for this coming November.